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King Avenue
Jeddah, KSA
  • Project Date: Concept Design Commenced 2017
  • Project Status: Project Currently at Schematic Design stage
  • Vero Client: CRTKL

Vero were appointed by CRTKL to undertake the landscape design for a high profile retail project located in Jeddah. The overall project area is approximately 170,000m2 of which 12,000m2 is an expansive central plaza which acts as the focal point for the mall.

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The landscape within the central plaza is designed around an impressive water feature with an overall length of approximately 120m. The water feature contains a variety of breathtaking features such as water walkways, interactive lighting screens and an impressive fountain show which occurs periodically throughout the day.

The plaza will also form the centerpiece of the mall and will be designed as to act as a flexible space and accommodate events such as food markets, car launches and sporting events.