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What We’re All About…

VERO - The Latin For Pure, True And Genuine

This forms the basis of our core business philosophy, our approach to each project and approach to design solutions. As creative landscape designers, we do not possess a ‘house style’ to be imposed on each site, but have a strong belief that each project and client is individual and each location offers its own qualities to be expressed through an interpretative process which responds to people, places and context.

VERO Approach

VERO ensure attention to detail with respect to the essence of the physical and cultural context. Our key aim is to explore, enhance and integrate the complexities of landscape, culture, architecture, art, ecology and interpret these to create a unique design experience. We aim to express the qualities and attributes that exist in each site, the constraints and opportunities against specific design criteria and ultimately create a design which is individually adapted to both the site and client. We ensure the above approach is not only achieved but also successful on every project by adopting the following principles in our studio;

Provide fresh ideas and innovative design solutions

Collaborative & team orientated approach to design work

Provide a relaxed and happy studio environment