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Who We Are?

VERO Formation

Formed in 2010, The VERO Studio is a creative platform for a design team with extensive experience of hospitality, mixed use, commercial, residential and public realm projects in the Middle East. We are a young group of passionate designers with a shared goal of providing unique and cutting edge design solutions from our studio in Dubai.

The VERO team are well versed in the challenges of working in this environment and we strongly appreciate the importance of liaison with Architects, Interior Designers, Structural and Mechanical Engineers to ensure that the final product is a true representation of the original conceptual intent.

VERO Studio

The Studio offers clients the opportunity to work with a dedicated team that is committed to providing a top quality service in all stages of the design process from Concept to Supervision.  The vibrant, collaborative and energetic atmosphere in our studio creates the perfect environment for good design. Although we are a relatively young company, the VERO portfolio has expanded from individual towers and villas to large-scale hospitality and public realm projects for major clients such as EMAAR and MAF.

VERO Experience

The experience of the team and our creative approach to landscape design is the founding block upon which we have and will continue to serve our clients.  VERO currently comprises a dynamic team of Landscape Architects, Conceptual Designers and Technical Staff who have undertaken designs on a wide range of hospitality, commercial, retail, education and residential projects.  Our staff have English, Lebanese, Indian, Syrian, Venezuelan and Filipino backgrounds and this diverse cultural mix brings a wealth of experiences and cultural understanding into our designs.

VERO Boutique

VERO is a boutique scale studio offering high quality landscape design which seeks to challenge the norms and push the envelope of Landscape Architecture in the Middle East. We aren’t the kind of practice who roll out the same design on every project and nothing excites our design team more than a new project with new potential. We are old school designers who enjoy sketching out ideas and strongly believe the key to a unique concept is simply a group of passionate designers and a roll of tracing paper…