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Bain al Jessrain
Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Project Date: Concept Competition Summer 2012
  • Project Status: Competition Entry, no further development
  • Vero Client: Abu Dhabi Municipality

Competition concept design entry for an area of existing public realm located between the bridges at the entry to Abu Dhabi island from the mainland. The site was used informally by local families to launch small craft and jet skis.

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The authority were keen to formalise this with a public realm design which addressed the canal frontage and added amenity for the local community and adjacent hotels.

Proposals included a marina frontage with waterfront retail/F&B with office accommodation and low rise (max 4 story), apartment units. A continuous pedestrian promenade connected both waterfronts via two pedestrian bridges, the secondary function of the bridges to create water activity zones relative to the onshore environment.

The public realm design includes pedestrian walkways, seating areas, jogging tracks and promenades set at different levels to the water. An area for outdoor events and seasonal markets was incorporated on the east shore to be accessed by the residential districts, this are also benefits from sunset views.